Delicious satire... It's a blast.

Jason Steger, Books Editor The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald


Audacious, original and a kick to the guts - in the best possible way.

Benjamin Law, author of The Family Law

No sensibility is spared and no fucks are given in this scathingly funny romp, which is unlike anything that has ever been published.


A literary star is born in Siang Lu, although he'll probably be replaced by a white guy called Jeff at some point, so get in on this while you can.

Chris Flynn, author of Mammoth

A delightful, mischievous read.

Mirandi Riwoe, author of Stone Sky Gold Mountain

Siang Lu's The Whitewash is so amazing I invented time travel just so I could go into the future and read it.

Albert Einstein, 2022

Hoppla, I time travelled too far... 

Argh, my face!

My faaaace!

Albert Einstein, 2936